Liam the Longshanks


Human Fighter: level 4
2,841 experience points

Fighting Style: great weapon wielding (when you roll a 1 or a 2 on a damage die for an attack with a two handed weapon, reroll that die and use the new roll)

Feat: great weapon master (if critical hit or reducing enemy to 0 the bonus move allowed). Allowed the option of -5 to the attack in exchange for +10 to damage.

Weapons: : The Giantslayer (a + 1 two handed greatsword) (2d 6) (7 attack bonus)(5 damage bonus)
and two hand axes (6 attack and +4 damage) , 1 bow (40 arrows) (2 attack)

The Gianslayer also gives 2d6 against giants and giants must pass a strength saving throw of DC15 or fall prone

Armour: chain mail

Explorer’s pack – (backpack, bedroll, mess kit, tinderbox, 10 torches, 16 days’ rations, waterskin, 50 feet of hemp rope

Str: 18 (4) Dex: 11 (0) Const: 16 (3) Int: 14 (2) Wis: 6 (-2) Char:15 (2)

Armour Class: 16 Initiative: 0 Speed: 30 Hit Point Max: 35 Proficiency Bonus: +2

Skills: animal handling (0), athletics (6), intimidation (4), persuasion (+4), survival (0)

Second wind: can use a bonus action to regain hit points equal to 1d10 + fighter level

Action surge: bonus action allowed (needs rest period)

Battlemaster: menacing attack (DC 13 wisdom saving throw), riposte, trip


“I, Liam the Longshanks, have to confess that I have a strong tendency to make people angry. I don’t think through the consequences the things I say. As a lad, when I was growing up, I gained a natural ability to dodge punches due to my lippy mouth. However, after failing to dodge one too many punches, I realized that I had better learn how to fight.

I began strength training by lifting heavy barrels of ale at my parents’ inn, the Bearded Clam. As I grew into adulthood, I gained significant strength. I no longer needed to dodge punches in order to hold my own. I became an effective bouncer for my family and kept most of the seafaring ruffians in line at the Bearded Claim Inn.

It wasn’t too long before my big mouth got me into some serious trouble with a local gang. The gang crashed my family’s inn and drank all the ale and soup that they could swallow in one sitting. They refused to pay. I was frustrated because there were too many of them and I couldn’t physically remove them. I told them, “You call yourselves a gang of fearless criminals. You prey on a small family tavern because you lack the cojones to take on a more lucrative target. Real criminals, with any drive, would steal from a more formidable adversary who had more soldiers and money.” Those were almost the last words I ever said.

I should have let them have the ale and soup because I was outnumbered. After I was punched a few times I realized that these thugs were unsheathing their weapons. Their leader would not allow such an insult to go unpunished. However, two of the criminals intervened, putting themselves between me and the other gang members. A female gang member who seemed like she was second in command opened up a window for me, saying “Your family has already escaped out the back. Jump out the window and run. I don’t think I can save you if you don’t run. Our leader wants you dead now.” I climbed out the window and ran for my life.

Though they eventually stopped bothering my family, the gang did not forget about me. They continued looking around for me throughout my whole town. They didn’t want anyone to think they were weak enough to fail at avenging my insults. I got tired of hiding all the time. The only way that I could keep safe was to join the city guard as a soldier. Who would attack a well armed and trained group of soldiers?

I began to get trained as a soldier but, yet again, it was my big mouth which got me trouble. A senior officer was telling everyone that they should worship a false god. I told him in front of some very distinguished citizens that “If you are trying to get people to give money to this fraud of a religion then you are either too stupid to see that it is a fraud or else you are in on the fraud. Either way, we need to remove someone from a position as senior officer if they lack basic intelligence or integrity. You, sir, lack at least one of those qualities.”

As you can imagine, things didn’t work out well for me as a soldier for the city guard. I need to leave my home town because I’m not safe from gangs or city guards. However, I’m so charismatic that some of the city guards and some of the gangsters actually really like me and will betray their own leaders to help me. However, the top ranking ones want to either kill me or jail me so I still have to leave.

My love life is very similar. I am quite charming but just as a girl is about to fall in love with me I always say something to make her reconsider. She will call a ‘stupid comment’. In any event, any women who lets a few little comments affect her so much isn’t worthy of me. Unfortunately, that seems to apply to all of them."

Liam the Longshanks

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